mHealth technology


The ageing of the global society has exponentially increased the medical needs of the elder and chronic patients. The hospitalization time and the frequency of hospital returns are serious problems for all kind of patients and has an important economical impact on the health service providers as well. It is a must to both reduce costs and increase the quality of life of the patients.

Primum Health IT has developed a Homecare Telemonitoring System, a mHealth system for monitoring patients, for the elder and chronic patients, improving their quality of life and reducing the healthcare costs.

Vital data from wireless medical sensors are taken by a mobile device and sent through a private mobile network to a secure cloud-based platform where doctors can diagnose and have access to the patient’s medical record. Patient medical records can be integrated with any EHR already installed.



  • The usability of the devices: It’s a proprietary tablet designed for people that are not used to technology. The tablet is configured online and the patient doesn’t need to know more than how to press a button.
  • Connectivity to the EHR present in the Hospital or Clinical. If the doctor doesn’t have a Medical Record system already available he can use our cloud-based platform. In case the Hospital already has a EHR in place and they don’t want another platform, we can integrate the data with their system: using market standards, we “speak the same language”.
  • Cloud Based Platform: all the data is present anytime and anywhere for the medical staff with no server installation or maintenance needed.

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